During the REALITIES exhibition, we present works focusing attention on digital worlds, which are created in parallel with the increasingly polarized reality and real vision of a climate disaster. What are these parallel spaces for us? How digital narratives are based on reality and to what extent are they the creations of our dreams? How is our personality transformed in the digital world? And finally, do digital spaces isolate us from the physical world or rather broaden our perception and functioning in our reality?

During the exhibition you will be able to look into parallel digital worlds, immersing yourself in virtual and augmented reality and interactive films. There will also be a unique opportunity to create and see your own avatar.

So we invite you to experience reality with many senses, in line with Marshall McLuhan, that “not biased perception to one sense, but the recognized perception along with all senses is real perception’ (Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media -The Extensions of Man- (MIT Press, 1994), 46.)

The Lacuna Shifts - VR experience | Depart


A poetic VR experience inspired by Alice in Wonderland, which immerses users in a world behind a mirror in which nothing is as it seems. The walls move, objects begin to speak, and gravity stops working. Space is constantly changing, depending on the point of view. Using a three-dimensional real-time environment allows visitors to experience a world of miracles in which new surprises await you every time you step inside. The combination of surreal graphic, sound and text layers sends guests on a journey that is characterized by a deceptive sense of space, acoustic hallucinations and a mysterious aesthetic that begins to question the whole perception of space and the world.

Presentation of the project is supported by the Austrian Culture Forum in Warsaw.

Małopolska Garden of Arts

Faced2faced | Natalia Alfutova


A multimedia project that aims to bring the viewer closer to his own digital identity that he/she created in social media. By using the image conversion into 3D and technology of augmented reality, it will be able to create your twin avatar. The resulting avatar, projected onto the hand of its creator, becomes a monstrous extension of its own physicality. Based on public information published in social media, the avatar communicates with his creator, putting him face to face with himself. Faced2faced’s work explores the problem of self-identification in a world of total digitization and social media.

During the Patchlab Festival, the project will be presented as an interactive installation and performance at the opening of 24.10 in Malopolska garden of Arts.

Małopolska Garden of Arts

Chernobyl VR Project | Farm 51


The first virtual document in history giving the opportunity to visit the contaminated Chernobyl area and the city of Pripyat – the site of the largest industrial and ecological disaster in history, which was the explosion of a reactor at the nuclear power plant in 1986. As a result of this disaster, the huge area around the power plant became radioactive contaminated and the radioactive cloud spread over the neighboring European countries.The creators of this unique project used the technique of three-dimensional space scanning of authentic locations in Chernobyl and Pripyat. Combining this technique with films and spherical panoramas, the creators of the Farm51 studio in Gliwice created an interactive, dark story about the tragic fate of people and the place affected by the disaster. The Chernobyl VR Project is also a tribute to the victims of the disaster.

During the Patchlab festival outside the Chernobyl VR Project, which can be experienced as part of the REALITIES exhibition, the creators of the Farm51 studio will also present the new project CZERNOBYLITE, a survival horror computer game that allows you to discover all the dark secrets of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

Małopolska Garden of Arts

Average face mirror | Sarah Howorka


A digital mirror displaying a portrait based on all the faces it has ever seen. The collective portrait is in a constant process of creation and says a lot about the diversity of people in terms of gender, age or race. The viewer’s face that appears in front of the camera will be added to the collective portrait calculated by the algorithm. The longer the viewer looks at the camera, the greater the influence of his facial features on the collective portrait which changes in real time.

Małopolska Garden of Arts

The world’s first interactive film series designed for Instagram, which falls under the interactive storytelling trend. In this thriller, which is a satire on the cult of beauty and youth in the modern world, the plot is not predetermined, and the viewer is influenced by the course of events.

The main character detective Ivan Johnson is looking for a missing woman. The investigation leads him to the clinic of Professor Carlos von Braun, who deals with experimental rejuvenation. The project combines original footage with samples from classic cinema, literature and elements of adventure games.

Starring: Ryszard Ronczewski, Beata Tyszkiewicz, Maciej Kozłowski, Gosia Baczyńska and Ewa Szykulska.

The Sufferosa project was described by The Guardian as “Cutting-edge interactive detective noir”. It won the audience award at the Stuttgarter Film Winter festival and was nominated for the prestigious Webby Award. It was shown at almost 50 film festivals around the world, including: Vancouver IFF , Reykjavik IFF, YouTube Day Singapore or onedotzero.

Specially for the Patchlab Festival @Sufferosa will be shown for the first time in the form of an interactive installation.

Contemporary Art Gallery Bunkier Sztuki

Hyper-Reality | Keiichi Matsuda


A utopian vision of the future in which physical and virtual reality are one and the city is saturated with the media.

Our physical and virtual realities are becoming more and more connected. Technologies such as VR, augmented reality (AR), wearable devices and the Internet of Things make us see a future where technology will affect every aspect of our lives. It will be a medium between every activity and experience, offering amazing possibilities, but also controlling the way we understand the world. Hyper-Reality is trying to explore this exciting but dangerous trajectory. The film was financed from social funds and shot on location in Medellin, Colombia.

Małopolska Garden of Arts

A four-minute film about the growing obsession with productivity in the workplace. Keiichi presents a reality in the near future in which the virtual world meshes with the physical.

The young accountant, competing with algorithms that dominated the corporate business and pushed many people out of the workplace, optimized her work environment using gesture-controlled augmented reality interfaces to control every area of her life. This allows her to be always on the phone for her clients. However, in the face of insufficient productivity, she decides to integrate with the system.

Małopolska Garden of Arts

Mikifon | panGenerator


Interactive, kinetic audiovisual sculpture, inspired by the character of Mickey Mouse, designed by the Warsaw group Pan Generator, this year’s winners of Polityka’s Passport in the category of Digital Culture  The microphone samples sounds from the surroundings by turning around in their search, and then transforms them into rhythmic musical sequences whose sound is shaped by the audience participating in the interaction. The work was commissioned by Disney and is a great attraction for both older and younger recipients.

Małopolska Garden of Arts

Enchanted Painting | Daan Kars


, Giulia Tosi


The interactive installation was created as a result of cooperation of two artists from various fields of art, combining digital and analogue art, drawing with video-mapping technique and programmed motion detectors. The viewer’s movement in front of the large-format illustration reveals the three-dimensional image layer, creating a unique visual and spatial experience.

Małopolska Garden of Arts

Vitrails - VR experience | Collectif Continuum


VitRails is a virtual reality installation that uses a thermochromic interface to create a multi-sensory experience. Vitrails originally immerses the recipient in the dark. By touching real walls in their surroundings, they experience a hybrid space in which the images are hidden. 

The creators take up the subject of the European refugee crisis and create a metaphorical situation of contact with refugees from Syria who are struggling to survive in the new reality away from their homes. On the other side of the wall, in the virtual world, the interior of the abandoned building can be revealed where refugees from Syria used to stay. The abstract of the figures of former inhabitants wandering around can be seen and fragments of their stories can be heard. VitRails uses the sense of touch and other sensory senses, such as temperature, to enrich mixed reality (XR) experiences. Thanks to this, the participant experiences a continuous penetration of the real world with the virtual one.

Małopolska Garden of Arts


A presentation of student AR works, which is an attempt to look at the process of shaping artistic personality. The base material for creating the exhibition were biography texts prepared by students. Project title: AR_U?, Which looks like an incomprehensible code, contains information about the technology used, i.e. Augmented Reality, and at the same time is an abbreviation of the question: Are you …? This open phrase has become a motive for reflecting on identity, at the same time prompting artists to reflect on the changing value of written text.

AR project by Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology students
Curator: dr Anna Klimczak

Małopolska Garden of Arts

The audiovisual project of the artist known for large-format three-dimensional realizations, this time will present a new project in the technique of augmented reality based on a digital image of the face.

Małopolska Garden of Arts

The memory of the space | Ari Dykier


An animated collage in the technique of augmented reality, which visualizes the penetration of images from events occurring in the same place, but in different spaces, while you can experience them at the same time. The multiplicity of events taking place aims to create a simulation of expanded consciousness capable of perceiving events occurring in the past, present and future in a specific space.

The inspiration for work are trips to historical places as well as the fascination with the phenomenon of perception.

Małopolska Garden of Arts

diSpray is an interactive installation inspired by graffiti. The work is the result of the search for an author who tries to translate common practice in the real world into virtual space. The design uses specially designed cans in which the paint is replaced by light. The real can and virtual paint allows the viewer to experience street art techniques in a surprising, digital form.

Małopolska Garden of Arts

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