Under Thunder Exhibition

until 22.11

25.10 | 19:00 | vernissage
UFO Art Gallery | Krakowska 13



The Under Thunder exhibition is a spectrum of multimedia transformation, simultaneously showing the possibilities of adopting a diverse perspective in experiencing art. The oil study of the essence of the computer, by the Czech artist Radim Koros, will manifest itself in more specific suggestions through computer animation. Stanisław Babik experiments with the energy of neon sculptures, while the presented installation of “Frambots” by Filip Handzl is an interactive space of experience – a scene consisting of 6 frambots, derived from a virtual simulation environment based on evolutionary algorithms, will allow many operators to manipulate their bodies using the control panel equipped with switches, knobs and indicators.

As part of the cooperation between the Patchlab Festival and the UFO Art Gallery, works in augmented reality will also be presented: The Memory of Space by Ari Dykier and Visage László Zsolt Bordos.

The exhibition will be opened until 22.11.2019.

Frambots | Filip Handzel


The exhibition space has a scene consisting of 6 frambots that come from a
virtual simulation environment based on evolutionary algorithms. Viewer-
operators have the opportunity to manipulate their bodies using a control panel
equipped with switches, knobs and indicators.

Development in space | Stanisław Babik


The hanging installation presents a mathematical and spatial algorithm
developing in a uniform direction ultimately leading to the initial form. It is a
sequence of vertical visual signs that work closely together to create a light
rhythm, interacting in a differentiated manner depending on the position of the

Prometheus | Radim Koros


It is a temporally spatial attempt to develop a vision of a stable oil painting that
directly relates to the medium of animation, the computer. The relationship
between man and computer, analogy and number, and everything in between is
captured in a closed cycle of experience, where boundaries disappear, where
spirit becomes flesh and it is impossible to distinguish their primality.

The memory of the space | Ari Dykier


An animated collage in the technique of augmented reality, which visualizes the penetration of images from events occurring in the same place, but in different spaces, while you can experience them at the same time. The multiplicity of events taking place aims to create a simulation of expanded consciousness capable of perceiving events occurring in the past, present and future in a specific space.

The inspiration for work are trips to historical places as well as the fascination with the phenomenon of perception.

The audiovisual project of the artist known for large-format three-dimensional realizations, this time will present a new project in the technique of augmented reality based on a digital image of the face.

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