On Saturday night, at Szpitalna 1 Zenker Brothers play, two producers and DJs, the founders of one of the world’s most important music labels – Ilian Tape, which specializes in techno music. They will be accompanied by the leading creators of the Krakow club scene: Olivia, Charlie, Anatomy of Mashup and wonderful Daniel Drumz and Discomule. TVing Stage Design will take care of the lighting of this evening.

Zenker Brothers (Ilian Tape / Munich)
Olivia (Unsound/Radar/Krakow)
Charlie (Szum/Krakow)
Daniel Drumz (U Know Me Records / Krakow)
Discomule (Unitrax/Krakow)
Anatomy of Mashup (Techno Rączka / Krakow)
Tving Stage Design (PL)

Zenker Brothers is supported by Goethe Institut in Krakow.