AV Night

25.10.2019 | 20:00 Tickets | Going / 20zł Hevre+1

During the AV NIGHT of the 8th edition of the Patchlab Digital Art Festival there will be 3 immersion audiovisual projects presented on a 360° visual system. That evening, the outstanding French composer Franck Vigroux will perform live, Stefanie Egedy from Sao Paulo with Dutch artist Daan Kars and the French duo L’Age d’Or.

Croix is an audiovisual concert of the French creator Franck Vigroux known for his dark industrial and sound experiments. In this project we will hear fragments from the album of Franck Vigroux Rapport sur le désordre and Barricades. The generative visual layer created by Antoine Schmitt is focused on the image of the painter Kazimierz Malewicz’s cross – a symbol of artistic awareness.

The project is supported by The General Assembly of the Society of Authors, Composers and Music Publishers (Sacem) and Occitanie region.

Orage Magnétique | L’Age d’Or


The latest audiovisual concert of the French duo L’Age d’Or, oscillating between very textural ambient, drones, field recordings and melodic electronics, and immersion video and light projection. The project is rooted in film art, enriched with three-dimensional elements and archival recordings. The center is a universe focused on the issue of symbiosis between the digital layer and the analog, figurative representation of the world with abstraction while maintaining the narrative.

An audiovisual project that was created as a result of the creative collaboration of the sound artist from San Paulo with the Dutch designer of digital landscapes. Egedy and Kaars combined their musical and visual inspirations to build a story immersed in aesthetic of noise.

The project is commissioned by Patchlab Festival.

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