For reasons beyond our control, during the Patchlab Festival & 3D Community: Kraków present event the team responsible for Chernobylite cannot be with us today.
But we are glad to announce that the third lecture will take place and we will host Dawid Marcinkowski aka The Kissinger Twins, with the presentation of ‘Cinematic Labyrinths’, during which we will see the works of The Kissinger Twins, incl. interactive installation on Instagram @Sufferosa, which is presented during the Patchlab festival at the Contemporary Art Gallery Bunkier Sztuki. Dawid will talk about the works created in the field of non-linear interactive storytelling in the years 2003-2019 and will show how quickly the technology changing at that time influenced the film and narration more broadly. The final of the presentation is ‘Sufferosa’ (2010) and its new Instagram version (2019), which Dawid will assemble live in front of the audience.

However, the game CHERNOBYLITE can be seen and played during the REALITIES exhibition in the Małopolska Garden of Arts.