Masterclass: Artist and promotion – The art of an interview

25.10 | 14:00-19:00 Wyspiański Pavillion

Language of the masterclass:  Polish 
Registration | 15 seats


A unique opportunity to learn the difficult art of conducting an interesting interview, learn how to ask to get to the bottom and how to talk about the creative process. Discussion of multi-camera implementation, professional lighting, vision viewing systems and other technological issues will accompany considerations on the promotional value of intelligence and editing thinking at the stage of planning and film production. The host, Wiktor Obrok will conduct a series of interviews with selected artists of the Patchlab Festival. The workshops will start with an introductory lecture, then subsequent guests will participate in interviews recorded on several cameras. Participants will see the camera view on the monitors. Then the recorded material will be analyzed and discussed with the participants.


Host: Wiktor Obrok
Filmmaker and founder of the Independent Film School OFFmaster, runs professional film workshops for independent filmmakers, covering a set of issues related to film technique, operator workshop, screenplay, direction, film lighting, sound production on the set, editing and post-production.

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