AR curious. Create your AR project.

27.10 Arteteka - Regional Public Library in Krakow

Language: Polish
15 seats | Registration:

Host: Olga Wroniewicz, Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw

AR (Augmented Reality) / Mixed Reality, is a computer-generated prosthesis to natural human perception. The possibility to eg. see unreal objects, text, without loosing normal view (in contrary to VR), has gained more and more attention over recent years. AR means layering artificial additions with our natural reception of surroundings. Simply put, eg.: you see normally, plus you also see (or smell, feel, hear) immaterial, computer-generated sensations fitted onto reality.
That CG-augmentation is possible thanks to specific hardware and software: devices with computing power, that can run certain software, integrated with a camera and a screen. Most commonly: smartphones and tablets, but also eg. Google’s Glass – miniature see-through screens that look just like normal glasses (SF dreams come true!)  To achieve the illusion of being integrated with reality, the artificial augmentation is mimicking the perspective that optics of the mobile device provides, adjusting its location on screen, proportions, skew, scale etc., in real time.
The participants will be able to take part in creating an interactive AR experience, which will then be made available for the Festival’s audience. We will be working on Zapworks software and free Zappar mobile app.


Olga Wroniewicz – designer and instructor of new media courses for students. He belongs to the team of the Multimedia Studio at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw. Particularly interested in the contact of music and dynamic graphics, and design in space. She initiated and co-organizes the annual series of open videomapping performances and interactive experiences at PJATK.

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