A visual and conceptual connection between the macroscopic brain and the microscopic behavior of neurons envisioned with data, drawings and various other techniques; the complexity of the world of quanta, the observation of the world as it doesn’t exist; a journey to distant horizons of our cosmos; or, simply, the story of an ant—these are some illustrative examples of Micro Macro.

1/Self Reflected
03:17 | Greg Dunn, Brian Edwards. Video by Will Drinker (US)

2/ Quantum Fluctuations
04:26 | Markos Kay (GB)
Prix Ars Electronica 2018 / Honorary Mention

13:35 | Mathilde Lavenne (FR)
Prix Ars Electronica 2018 /Golden Nica

4/ The Shark in the Park
03:02 | Polynoid (DE)

5/ WoodSwimmer
01:39 | Brett Foxwell (US)

6/ Tamas
03:11 | Ruslan Khasanov, music by Dmitry Evgrafov (RU)

7/ Resynthesis
04:25 | Kevin McGloughlin, music by Max Cooper (IE)

23:20 | Hugo Deverchere (FR)

9/ Visual Sounds of the Amazon
04:26 | Andy Thomas, audio by Andy Thomas and Reynier Omena Junior (AU)