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27.10 / 06.12 Gallery 360°

As a result of open call for artist in residence program in the 360° Gallery announced in May by the Photon Foundation, 6 projects were selected that will be implemented in Krakow on two dates: 20-28.10 and 30.11-07.12.2019. During the 7-day residence, the creators will have the opportunity to work on an innovative projection system built from 10 projectors and create their own audiovisual projects dedicated to this platform in the 360 ° Gallery.

There was a possibility to see the effects of the first three artistic residencies on the last day of the festival in the form of live shows. There was also an opportunity to meet residents during an open meeting with them at the Faculty of Intermedia of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow on Friday, 25.10 at 15.30.

The second term of the Artist in Residence Program will take place from 30.11 to 7.12 with 3 artists from Taiwan, Spain and Great Britain.
The presentation of the projects will take place on 6th Dec at the 360° Gallery.
More details on the website

Most deep is the skin | Thomas Köner


Thomas Köner is a multimedia artist, interested in combining visual and auditory impressions. In his more than thirty years of artistic achievements, Thomas managed to develop and create works in such active services as the Paris Auditorium at the Louvre and Pompidou Center or the Museum of Contemporary Art in Montreal. During his residency at the 360 ° Gallery, the artist plans to prepare an immersive audiovisual project based on the artist’s subjective and emotional experience.

Otherlands | Nicholas Carn


During his residency, Nicholas Carn will work on audiovisual material based on data on climate change and the impact of human activities on the planet from a post-human perspective. Using sonification and data visualization techniques, information on e.g. temperature rise, atmospheric CO2 increase, land ice melting and sea level rise will serve as guidelines for sound and image design. Nicholas will use composer techniques manipulated with reactive audio algorithms and Open Source visual materials, which will become the basis for animations and video clips with generated 3D graphics.

SIBYL is a project based on artificial intelligence, which creates narratives and musical compositions by testing new methods of generating music, stories and new types of audiovisual activities through interaction with an autonomous AI agent. He learns based on the techniques of composing music and writing such artists as Pynchon, Burroughs, Gibson and Xenakis. Utilizing recursive neural networks, machine learning and analogue sound and image synthesizers, SYBIL offers an innovative combination of four areas: story telling, game design, experimental music and artificial intelligence.

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